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Orange Juice Comparison Report
The following are the results of the test conducted in our facility to check and compare the yield of juice from the Green Star Juice Extractor and a leading Pro Restaurant Citrus Press.

Date conducted: April 11, 2002 Facility conducted: In the kitchen of Green Power International Juicers used: 1. Green Star Juicer 2. Pro Restaurant Citrus Press


Oranges used in this test were weighed and made to be about the same weight of 25.6 oz, skin included (2 California oranges). Method of juicing was followed per the instruction of the manual of the machine.

For the Green Star Juice Extractor, the oranges were peeled and cut into 6 wedges. The wedges were fed into the machine at a moderate speed to make certain that the juicer had sufficient time to juice. The Pulp Outlet Adjusting Knob (Regular) was loosened three to four turns and the Fine Screen was used.

For the Pro Restaurant Citrus Press, the oranges were cut in half to be pressed. The oranges juiced were firmly pressed and rotated numerous times for maximum yield.



The Green Star Juicer produced more juice than the Pro Restaurant Citrus Press. Even with the soft texture of the orange pulp the Green Star surprisingly ejected the pulp out easily without any hesitation. The Green Star Juicer produced over 100% more juice than the Pro Restaurant Citrus Press. The juice extracted from the Green Star was thicker in texture and sweeter in taste. The amount of pulp in juice was very minimal.

The Pro Restaurant Citrus Press produced less than half of what the Green Star Juicer extracted. The extracted juice looked watery and had a fair amount of pulp mixed in the juice.
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Blushing Green Power Drink
Combining Carrots with beets makes this juice a dynamite blood cleanser and liver tonic. The greens make this a perfect blend for the heart and lungs. It is an all -round body - building drink blushing with beet juice and powered by greens.
The above recipe is brought to you by the courtesy of the copyrighter of "Living with Green Star" book. If you want to add this title to your kitchen library, please click here
To check out other recipes or if you have any good recipes to share with other people, please click here to visit our Recipe Exchange forum.
Green Star GS-3000's new siblings, GS-1000 & GS-2000
Good News! The New Model of Green Power juice extractor "Green Star GS-1000" is now available! The Green Power Juice Extractor now became More Affordable
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We are always concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, and the performance of Green Star machines.
Orange Juice Comparison Report
The following are the results of the test conducted in our facility to check and compare the yield of juice from the Green Star Juice Extractor and a leading Pro Restaurant Citrus Press.
Green Powered juice keeps longer? Can you explain?
Certainly. There are many factors that influence the "keeping time" or stability of juice. We can take a look...
Stain Zapper
Colored stains and mineral deposits on parts are normal usage signs of a product
Now Get Both the Plastic and Wooden Plungers!
Effective November 1, 2002, the Green Star, GS-1000, juicer will come with both the Wooden plunger and the Plastic plunger.

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single-auger juicer.

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