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What Is So Special?
Now You Can Juice Almost All Your Greens
     Dark Green juices are essential for health. Unlike current popular juicers, Green Star is designed to extract green juices. In fact, it produces high volumes of green juice with tremendous ease. It juices continuously without plugging up, and the the pulp comes out dry. With its unique Twin Gear press, Green Star is able to get juice from almost all leafy greens, herbs, fibrous plants and grasses, sprouts, and tough/ stringy vegetables. Green Star handles virtually every vegetable imaginable.
2 Step
Twin Gear Press      
Hydraulic Press      
Magnetic Technology      
Low Operating RPM      
Dry Pulp    
Low Heat & Physical Shock    
High Nutrient Content    
High Enzyme Content    
Long Lasting Juice    
Pulp Free Juice  
Juices Wheat Grass      
Juices Herbs    
Juices Fruits & Vegetables
Low Noise Operation      
Easy to Operate & Clean      
Makes Pasta      
Makes Baby Food & Desserts  
Makes Nut Butters  
Accessories Included    
50%-200% Higher Mineral Content
     Independent laboratory tests confirm that Green Star's Twin Gear Press extracts a substantially higher quantity of minerals than "leading" juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals, like calcium, iron, and zinc are 50%-200% higher in juice from Green Star than in Juice from other brands. Now, your commitment to drinking raw juice can really begin to pay off!
Finally, You can Take Your Juice to Work!
     Green Star slowly and gently presses out your juice. There is no wildly spinning basket or destructive, high-speed chopping blade. Therefore, heat and impact shock are virtually eliminated, significantly reducing oxidation. The result? More of the delicate nutrients survive! Now you can juice just once in the morning, keep your juice in the refrigerator and drink high-quality, enzyme-rich juice all day long. Truly the breakthrough we've all been waiting for.
Dr. Norman Walker Proved it Years Ago
     Not everyone has access to organic produce. Once again, Green Star comes to the rescue. With common, high-speed juicers, chemical residues tend to be flung into the juice. However, numerous experiments by Dr. Norman Walker proved that when vegetables are slowly ground and compressed, toxic metals with high specific gravities (for example, mercury, lead) naturally bind with cellulose(pulp) and stay out of the juice. Yet another way in which Green Star delivers the healthiest possible juice.
The World's First Magnetized Juice Extraction System
     Green Star is the first and only juice extractor in the world to employ powerful magnets to help create maximum nutritional quality. With this breakthrough technology, Green Star has achieved results no other juicer can claim or even come close to, for that matter.
Further Protection from Oxidation
     The magnets are built into the rotating Twin Gears, so the juice passes through a powerful magnetic field as it is being extracted. This enhances the paramagnetic properties of alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The combined effect of magnetism and Green Star's slow rotational speed is a dramatic reduction in the rate of juice oxidation: You can store it in your refrigerator overnight with minimal loss of nutritional value. For years, juicing experts have advised us to drink our juice immediately, as it loses most of its nutritional value within the first fifteen minutes. With other juicers, this is still true. However, Green Star has changed the rules.
Better Tasting Juice!
     Let's face it; Some high-potency green juices are less palatable than others, Yet you don't want to forego their tremendous health benefits. Green Star's strong magnetic field actually mellows the taste of these powerful juices, so you can drink them without "making a face". And all juices, whether pungent or not, come out with a noticeably fresher taste due to Green Star's magnetizing effect. Yes, the juice from Green Star is not only higher in nutrients, it even tastes more alive.
Green Star Does It All!
     Who ever heard of a juice extractor that can handle wheatgrass, plus make pasta, baby foods, desserts, mochi(rice cakes) and nut butters? Green Star does an excellent job of processing all your raw nuts and grains without destructive heat.* Once you've tasted these fresh items, you'll never buy them in the jar again. All your sprouted grains, such as wheat and spelt, go right through nicely and come out with a smooth texture. Delicious frozen desserts, like banana ice cream, come out just perfect. Green Star is by far the most versatile juice extractor on the market.
Green Star - International Award Winner
Grand Prize Winner -  9th International Invention - New Products
Exposition, Pittsburgh, United States, May 1993
Silver Medal Winner -  International Exhibition of Inventions,
Nurnberg, Germany, March 1993
Korean President's 1st Prize -  1993 Invention Day,
Seoul, Korea, May 1993
Silver Medal Winner -  20th International Exhibition of Inventions,
Geneva, Switzerland, May 1993
Enjoy a Live-Food Lifestyle
     You may be considering a live-food lifestyle with more enzyme-rich raw foods in your diet, or a juice therapy program that includes nutrient-packed dark green juices. If you find that your present juicer simply cannot meet your juicing needs, Green Star is the solution.
What to look for when buying a Juicer
Low RPM rating -  An operating speed near 100 RPM is excellent. As noted above, juicers with higher RPM ratings create heat and impact shock, destroying much of the enzyme and nutrient content in the juice.
A Powerful Motor -  A low-powered motor will vibrate, make noise, sometimes overheat, and eventully burn out. Green Star has a strong, smooth, precision-balanced motor designed to last a lifetime, even under heavy use.
Quiet Operation -  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make juice early in the morning without waking up your family? It's no surprise that noisy juicers don't get used as often as quiet ones. Green Star is whisper quiet. Even under heavy use, it's as quiet as your refrigerator. You'll enjoy using it.
A Wide Range of - 
Juicing Abilities    
It is important to select a juicer that will process the widest range of health-promoting herbs, plants, vegetables and fruits. A limited juicer will give you limited health benefits. Green Star has no difficulty juicing the hardest herb, the leafiest greens and everything in between. Even wheatgrass is no problem!
High Nutrient and - 
Enzyme Content in    
the Juice    
Low-RPM triturating juicers and hydraulic-press extractors provide the highest nutritional content and the longest shelf life. Common masticating and centrifugal juicers and blenders operate at high speed, anywhere from 1,000 to 24,000 RPM. Green Star operates at a low, 110 RPM, resulting in the highest possible nutrient and enzyme content.
Easy to Operate - 
Easy to Clean    
Not all juicers are the same when it comes to ease of operation and cleaning. The smooth, quiet operation and thoughtful design make it easy to use. Cleaning Green Star's parts requires little more than a quick rinse under the tap and takes less than 5 minutes(saves water too!). With inferior, high RPM juicers, more frequent juicing and cleaning sessions are required because their juice rapidly loses nutritional value and has to be consumed immediately. Since Green Star juice retains its nutritional value, you can do it once every two days instead of three times a day, which means you clean up much less often. And Green Star juice can be frozen with more nutritional value intact.
Additional Benefits -  What else can it do? Are useful accessories and attachments included? Can it make pasta, nut butters, desserts, baby food and rice cakes? When you buy a Green Star Juice Extractor, it comes with all the necessary accessories and attachments. Green Star is the most versatile juicer on today's market, and comes complete with a 5 year warranty at no extra charge.
Green Star Juice Therapy Chart:
Stress -  St. John's Wort is held in high esteem by homeopathic doctors(Hypericum), many of whom recommend it to combat depression and nervous exhaustion caused by excessive stress. St. John's Wort is also a beneficial curative in cases of neuralgia, headache and rheumatism that are not caused by organic deficiencies.
Blood Purification -  Stinging nettle juice stimulates the metabolism thereby dissolving waste products in your system. And because of its diuretic properties, it helps purify your blood.
Digestion -  Celery juice was used by the ancient Greeks to help digestion. It is known for its stimulating effect on digestion, its diuretic properties, and for its general dissolving and discharging action on waste materials.
Insomnia -  In cases of insominia, nervous exhaustion and excessive mental stress, the multiple sedative reactions of valerian juice on the nervous system and the digestive tract make it a most valuable remedy with no side effects or dangers of addiction. It is an effective replacement for sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
Exhaustion -  Oat juice and rosemary juice have fortifying elements that contain nitrogen. These therapeutic juices help stimulate circulation and give you more energy.
Poor Circulation -  Pure rosemary juice is recommended particularly for the elderly who have weak circulation. It also acts favorably on liver function, bile production and proper digestion.
Depression -  The ancient Romans recommended borage juice as a remedy for melancholy and depression. It is the most natural anti-depressant we know of. Borage is also a strong blood purifier.
Heartburn -  Carrot juice is an excellent remedy for heartburn. It is considered one of the all-around therapeutic juices with the most even balance of vitamins and minerals.
Here's What Consumers Say About Green Star
     "I've waited for years for a machine like Green Star. This has it all! With the wide range of juicing abilities and minimal loss of enzymes and nutrition, I am able to juice just once a day and save cleaning time, which no other juicer has done for me." - P.T., Tornoto

     "I love this machine! My friends say the juice tastes so rich, fresh and full-bodied compared to their juicers. It's so quiet, and it doesn't try to walk across the counter when I'm making green drinks" - B.T., Toronto

     "I used to have to use two juicers, one for wheatgrass and one for vegetables. Green Star does both and save, me so much time! It surpasses any juicer I've used before and now I can't imagine using anything else. It's the ultimate!" - G.M., Toronto
Independent Test
     Anamol Laboratories Ltd.(Concord, ON 905-660-1225) conducted a test on the juice volume and mineral content of vegetable juice made with several different juicers. Vegetables used were parsley (64g), kale (392g), chard (270g), sunflower sprouts (160g) and celery (300g). Test results are as follows:
  Green Star 2 Step Hyradulic
Juice Yield (mL) 800 mL 780 mL 780 mL 600 mL
Boron 0.89 0.83 0.80 0.71
Calcium 560 324 312 382
Chromium 0.095 Traces 0.022 0.005
Copper 1.17 1.37 1.40 1.31
Iron 6.58 2.50 2.70 3.21
Lithium 0.180 0.160 0.130 0.096
Magnesium 291 257 241 197
Manganese 3.330 2.988 2.340 2.400
Molybdenum 0.065 0.037 0.049 0.052
Nickel 0.077 0.055 0.072 0.096
Phosphorus 331 313 300 365
Potassium 2236 2302 2258 1847
Silicon 2.05 Traces Traces Traces
Sodium 948.0 838.0 759.6 658.0
Strontium 1.08 0.62 0.55 0.76
Vanadium 0.014 0.010 0.010 0.006
Zinc 2.92 2.29 2.18 1.87
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Blood Tonic
This foundation of our health is based on the quality of our blood. This drink has all the best blood builders and cleanser - a true tonic.
The above recipe is brought to you by the courtesy of the copyrighter of "Living with Green Star" book. If you want to add this title to your kitchen library, please click here
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Green Star GS-3000's new siblings, GS-1000 & GS-2000
Good News! The New Model of Green Power juice extractor "Green Star GS-1000" is now available! The Green Power Juice Extractor now became More Affordable
Please send us your feedback, and we'll send you a free gift!
We are always concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, and the performance of Green Star machines.
Orange Juice Comparison Report
The following are the results of the test conducted in our facility to check and compare the yield of juice from the Green Star Juice Extractor and a leading Pro Restaurant Citrus Press.
Green Powered juice keeps longer? Can you explain?
Certainly. There are many factors that influence the "keeping time" or stability of juice. We can take a look...
Stain Zapper
Colored stains and mineral deposits on parts are normal usage signs of a product
Now Get Both the Plastic and Wooden Plungers!
Effective November 1, 2002, the Green Star, GS-1000, juicer will come with both the Wooden plunger and the Plastic plunger.

The brand new dual-stage
single-auger juicer.

Enjoy fresh juice
wherever you go.

The quiet yet
powerful citrus pro.

Make it your way, in your
own cup. And drink up!

Pure convenience.. pure water
pure peace of mind.

Grow wheat grass and
fresh sprouts Automatically.

Unlocking the goodness
of freshly milled grain.

Make fresh flour right
in your own kitchen.